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Anantapur is a city and district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Check out sightseeing tours/ tour in Ananthapur.

Anantapur Tourist Attractions

Anantapur always captivates the visitors with its glorious past and colossal monuments. It has many places and attractions to boast of. Be it striking temples or architectural structures, Ananthapur has many sites to formulate your sightseeing tours. All the ancient temples ring a bell and take you back in the erstwhile times, when the kings and queens used to worship here, in the most lavish manner. A tour to Andhra Pradesh is not complete unless you pay a visit to this city of old-age charms. Following are the major places that should be visited in Anantapur.

Penna Ahobilam
Situated near Anantapur, Penna Ahobilam is renowned for its Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple. The shrine presents a beautiful vista of the bubbling rivulet of Pennar. According to the legends, the temple was constructed on the footprints of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy that measured 5 feet 3 inches. Prominent place for marriage ceremonies, this temple observes an ostentatious car festival every year. Adi Laxmi Devi Temple and Chenchu Laxmi Devi Temple are two other temples in the complex.

Anantasagaram is an old reservoir in Anantapur. In fact, the city derived its name from the same tank. Acclaimed as one of the biggest reservoirs in the district, Anantasagaram occupies an area of 2,511 acres in Anantapur and Bukkarayasamudram. A fraction of the tank is known as 'Musalammakatta' and it is said to be named after Musalamma (a lady from Bukkarayasamudram), who sacrificed herself to seal the breach in the tank.