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The climate of Anantapur is essentially tropical. Read weather information of Ananthapur, India.

Anantapur Weather

Climate: Tropical
Summer Temperature: Minimum 30°C, Maximum 40°C
Winter Temperature: Minimum 20°C, Maximum 27°C
Annual Rainfall: 381 mm

Anantapur basically experiences tropical type of climate. Summers, monsoons and winters are the three main seasons, which are enjoyed by the dwellers of the region. The summer season continues from March to May, when the temperature rises to a maximum of 40°C and goes down to the minimum of 30°C. With such temperature, perhaps you could not enjoy the sightseeing trips.

Pre-monsoon showers along with winds in mid-June bring some relief to the people after the scorching summers. Monsoon formally stays from June to September, drenching the region with showers at irregular intervals. During this season, the place gets extremely humid and sultry. As per the weather information on Ananthapur, it receives an annual rainfall of 381 mm.

Cool breeze in early November heralds the winter season, which elongates from November to February. Here winters doesn't mean wearing woolens, it just offers pleasant weather. The temperature rises up to 27°C and declines minimum to 20°C in winters. Hence, Anantapur observes highly hot & humid climate and best time to visit the place is between the months of October to February.