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Tirupathi observes hot and humid climate throughout the year. Check out weather information on Tirupati.

Tirupati Weather

Climate: Tropical
Summer temperature: Minimum 35°C, Maximum 45°C
Winter temperature: Minimum 10°C, Maximum 18°C

Tirupati essentially observes tropical type of climate throughout the year. Like most of the parts of India, the pilgrimage enjoys three seasons - summers, monsoons and winters. The summer season prevails from March to June, where the temperature goes as high as 45°C. The scorching sun doesn't let the pilgrims' spirits down and people visit the shrine of Lord Venkateshwara with enthusiasm. Monsoons officially arrive in the month of July, yet the region doesn't receive much rainfall. At irregular intervals, rain comes to drench the city and making it all the more sultry and humid.

Till the month of October, monsoon showers offer a little relief to the city dwellers. Rains, along with cool breeze in late October, make the weather quite pleasant. From November to February, winters elongates making the weather conditions somewhat favorable. The south monsoon winds bring waters and rain showers result into cool weather. With temperature reaching minimum of 10°C at Tirumala, woolens are not required. As per the weather information, in the evenings, the climate of Tirupathi becomes really nice and you can easily enjoy the landscape and scenery of the holy city.