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Panchakarma therapy is an important part of Ayurveda/ Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

Panchakarma in Kerala

Today's life is very fast paced. In order to maintain a balance of body, mind and soul, Kerala offers the famous Kerala Panchakarma treatment. Once you experience the Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment, you will yourself feel a great amount of difference not just physically, but mentally too. The calmness that takes over after a good session is simply exhilarating in a subdued way. So get set to embrace a heady and exciting treatment of Panchakarma in Kerala. It is the ideal way to unwind and relax.

Panchakarma is derived from two words, "pancha" and "karma". The former means five, and the latter means action. So Panchakarma basically means wholesome treatment through 5 actions. Panchakarma is a five-fold therapy and skillfully combines the natural healing purposes of the five elements of nature - Earth (Prithvi), Air (Vayu), Water (Jal), Sky (Akash) and Fire (Agni). Our body is made up of these elements. These are the elements that make up the entire universe. Thus, healing a part of universe through nature is what Panchakarma is all about. It is like tuning up your car. Any imbalance will be taken care of and made sure that the body and mind are thoroughly cleansed, which in turn cleanses the soul automatically.

The Panchakarma treatment is based entirely on a person's body type. The treatment differs from individual to individual. The "doshas" or the imbalances in the body are first treated through oiling and heating of the person. People going for Panchakarma treatment are supposed to follow certain strict rules regarding diet and in take of food before and during the treatment. It is a divine experience and a must have if you are visiting Kerala. If you are suffering from any mental tension or physical stress, Kerala Panchakarma is the thing for you. So get set to live once again!