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Dances of Kerala reflect the unique cultural heritage of Kerala. Find more on traditional and folk dances of Kerala.

Kerala Dances

Kerala DancesKerala is a traditional place and the people are proud of their rich heritage and culture. A very lively example of that is the fact that folk dance in Kerala is still very much prevalent and is performed with as much zest as it used to be in the earlier days. In Kerala, traditional dance is given as much importance as education or any other important realm of life. Parents make it a point that kids are well versed in atleast one form of fine arts. The people of Kerala have art in their blood and performing arts is also the livelihood of many people. The dances of Kerala are brilliant in nature and usually depict scenes from ancient mythology.

The costume and make up are extensive in nature and can take upto 5 hours to be applied on a single participant. The colors used for make up have their own significance and are made up of natural products mixed with coconut oil so as to form a paste. Expert make-up artists then apply these colors with much precision on the faces of the dancers.

The music that accompanies these dances are either instrumental or are sung by people who give the beats. The major dances that we have covered are kathakali, krishnattam and mohiniattam. You shall also find information on kalaripayattu, which is an ancient form of martial art. You shall find details regarding these dance forms in our related sections.