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Given here is information about the major religions of Kerala.

Religions in Kerala

Kerala has a unique amalgamation of many religions. There is no such accurate religion of Kerala, as people of many religions co-exist harmoniously there. However, the major religions in Kerala in accordance to the number of followers are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Apart from these three religions, one can find people practicing Buddhism and Jainism also. In Kerala, religion is not very constrained and you can find Hindus visiting churches and Christians visiting temples.

The oldest known religion to exist in Kerala is Hinduism. The Dravidians were the oldest to settle in Kerala. The Aryans were the last ones to come to Kerala. The traditions instilled then are being continued till date. Infact, Kerala also has a tiny community of Jews who have a 10-century-old history to boast of. The Hindus of Kerala respect the ancient scriptures and even today all sacred rituals are performed according the Vedas.

The Muslims celebrate every festival of their religion and say prayers religiously. They haven't forgotten their roots and proud of their rich culture. Though they live in Kerala, the Muslims have their own identity and will not lose their individuality irrespective of where they live. The Christians are also very particular of their culture and religious practices. They make it a point to visit the Church every Sunday and celebrate every festival with joy and pomp and in true Christian spirit.