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Check out Krishnattam, also called as Krishnanattam, a traditional dance form of Kerala state of India.

Krishnattam Dance

Krishnattam Dance KeralaKrishnattam dance is another form of Kathakali, representing the various life stages of Lord Krishna. In Kerala, krishnanattam dance form still flourishes in the famous Guruvayoor Temple and other temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. The traditional Krishnattam dance is enacted as a series of 8 plays indicating the 8 main stages of lord Krishna's life. These 8 stages are:
  • Avataram
  • Kaliyamardanam
  • Rasakrida
  • Kamsavadham
  • Swayamvaram
  • Banayuddham
  • Vividavadham
  • Swargarohanam

The dancers use an elaborate set of gestures and movements and the make up is similar to that of kathakali. The dancer expresses himself through these elaborate movements and gestures. The dances are usually performed by a group of artists instead of solo performers. The music is usually sung by singers and each line is repeated several times to give the artists ample time to express themselves as vividly as they can.