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In this traveling section, check out the tourism of Calicut / Kozhikode, located in Kerala.


Location: Kozhikode District of Northern Kerala, India
Climate: Tropical
STD Code: 0495
Must See: Beaches, Museums (Pazhassirajah, Krishna Menon) , Tusharagiri Waterfall
Languages Spoken: Malayalam,English and Tamil
How to Reach: Well served by air, road and Rail link
Best Time to Visit: September to May

Calicut BackwatersA small yet busy city of Kerala, Calicut city is a place that is located towards the northern part of Kerala. The city is of much historical significance as this was the first place that Vasco da Gama landed upon, thus discovering the route to India via the southern cape of Africa. Traveling to Kozhikode from anywhere is Kerala is not difficult as the place is well connected by air, railways and roads. The place has been the center of attraction for many countries as trade is easily carried out from the regions. Thus, Calicut was long dominated by various foreign powers and thus has acquired a unique cultural amalgamation. Check out and know more about Calicut tourism in our related sections.

Despite the Western influence, Calicut has kept intact its own identity and proud of its culture and tradition. Check out our related sections on shopping, tourist attractions, etc and know more about how to travel to Calicut. You will find many places of interest that are definitely worth a visit and we assure you that experience will be something that will be cherished forever. So pack your bags and start off to Kerala and the wonderful city of Calicut.