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Houseboats are an ideal place to stay in Kerala. Find some interesting piece of information on Kerala houseboats/house boats.

Kerala Houseboats

Kerala HouseboatsYour trip is not complete without a houseboat stay in Kerala. The houseboats in Kerala are an ideal way to unwind and spend some quiet moments that will rejuvenate your soul. The traditional Kerala house boats are called "Kettuvallam", which means a boat that has been sewn up together. These houseboats navigate the beautiful backwaters. These houseboats are a traditional means of transport and were used to transport coconuts, rice, etc. from one place to another. These houseboats can measure upto 70 feet in length.

The concept of a houseboat stay has been recently introduced in Kerala due to the huge number of tourists visiting Kerala. A typical houseboat is provided with all modern amenities like European style bathrooms; exquisite carpeted flooring, king size beds, etc to make you feel comfortable. If you truly want to enjoy every moment in your houseboat stay, we suggest you leave your cell phones and laptops away from you. You can relax without any tensions in mind and without the irritating ringing of our mobile.

The backwaters in Kerala are a major attraction for anyone visiting the place. They are gorgeous and seem untouched by time. It is best to explore them on houseboats. The houseboats also have features like an onboard kitchen, a sun deck, fireproofing, neat towels, etc. A houseboat is propelled by an onboard engine that hardly makes any sound, though a traditional boatman is always there to row the boat in case something goes wrong with the engine. At night, the boat is anchored to a quiet, calm place on the lake so that you can enjoy the night sky on placid waters.