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Check out Palakkad travel and know about traveling to Palghat, Kerala.


Location: Central-east Kerala, India
Languages Spoken: Malayalam ,Tamil and English
Must See: Parambikulam Wildlife, Silent Valley, Tirthala, Tipu Sultan Fort
STD Code: 0491
How to Reach: Nearest Airport is Coimbatore, 52 Km. Palakkad is well connected to other parts of Kerala with rail and road link.
Climate: Hot and humid
Best Time to Visit: October to March

Palakkad, Kerala is also known as the Granary of Kerala. It is the most fertile and the most thickly forested land in Kerala. It is the second largest district in Kerala after Idukki. Traveling to Palghat (anglicized version of Palakkad) is sure to leave a lasting impression on your minds as the environment over there is virtually untouched by time. In our related sections, you shall find information on what to expect on your travel to Palghat. So read on further to know about the same.

There are many legends surrounding the fact as to how this place got its name. Some people say that it is derived from the word "palanilam", which means dry lands. Some people say that it is a fusion of two words "pala", which means a tree that was found in abundance here; and "kadu", which means forest. Thus "Palakkad" means a forest of pala trees. The place has many tourist attractions like forts, museums but the icing on the cake are the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries located over here. So, when you visit Palakkad, do not forget to spend in the lap of nature in these sanctuaries. Happy journey!