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Check out traditional and folk music of Kerala and know more about this traditional fine art of Kerala.

Kerala Music

In Kerala, classical music exists within every person you will come across. People are fond of folk music in Kerala. Infact, for every occasion there is a set of corresponding songs. The traditional music of Kerala is very melodious and an absolute delight to the ears. There are various genres of music that range from entertainment songs to film songs to the more traditional ones like carnatic music and devotional songs.

The entertainment songs are usually sung during festivals among gatherings like Onam. These songs are basically sung to keep the atmosphere peppy and alive. Film songs are sung during functions and family gatherings like marriages and birth ceremonies to add zing to the whole affair. Even lullabies are sung in a traditional way and found their way into poetry. There are certain songs that are sung during manual work like harvesting, farming etc. to alleviate the burden and weariness of working continuously.

Another form of Kerala music is the "sopana". Sopana means flight of stairs that lead to the worship place. The devotees used to sit on these stairs and sing devotional songs in the praise of the Lord. That is how this form of music derived its name. Yet another form of music that is famous in not just Kerala, but entire south of India is the Carnatic music. In Kerala, carnatic music flourished under the influence of the then king Swati Tirunal. Carnatic music has a plethora of ragas and talams that are combined together to form music for the soul.