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Given here is information on the famous tea museum in Munnar, Kerala. Read on further to know more about Munnar Tea museum.

Munnar Tea Museum

Location: Nallanthani Estate, Munnar
Main Attractions: Tea gardens, classic antique items used for tea production in ancient times.

Munnar Tea Museum KeralaOne of the most beautiful places in Kerala is Munnar. This hill station is well known for its tea plantations. The tea giant, Tata Company, has set up the tea museum in Munnar. This museum highlights some very interesting facts and figures about the growth and development of tea plantations in Munnar. An important landmark of Munnar, the tea museum houses old photographs, machinery, curios and other artifacts that have been used since ancient times. The tea museum in Munnar, Kerala is essentially a tribute to all the hard working people and pioneers who made this museum and the giant plantations a possibility.

This museum is dedicated to the efforts of all the visionaries who were determined to make Munnar a major tea plantation center in Kerala, India. Every major development and milestone is carefully highlighted with detailed description in this museum. There are many items of interest on display such as ancient tea rollers, to the modern and state-of-the-art technology that does hours of labor in seconds. The museum also showcases the various techniques by which tea is produced and refined.

A very unique item on display is the "Pelton Wheel" that dates back to early 20th century. This wheel was used to generate power for the factory long time back. Another interesting item on display in the museum is the ancient rail engine of Kundale Valley Light Railway that was used to transport both men and material from Munnar to the plantation gardens on the hills. A prime attraction of the museum is the room that is solely kept for demonstrating the process of tea tasting. The tea museum also houses antique bungalow furniture samples, ancient typewriters, wooden tubs, ancient magneto phones, etc. A visit to the tea museum in Munnar is a must and rest assured that you will not only gain knowledge but also enjoy to the hilt.

How to Reach Munnar Tea Museum

By Air
Reach Munnar from Trivandrum airport.

By Road
Hire a private taxi from Munnar to reach here.