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Know about excursions and places to see for tourists near Kasargod.

Kasargod Excursions

Veliyaparamba Backwater KasargodYou can go to quite some fascinating excursions from Kasargod. There are many places to see near Kasargod and most of them are an absolute delight to the eyes. If you are a keen photographer, then Kasargod excursions should be able to quench your thirst. Read on further to know about the many places of interest near Kasargod.

Located at a distance of about 15 kilometers from Kasargod is a place called Anandasram. It is a famous spiritual center established in the year 1939 by Swami Ramdas. It is famous all over the world and offers a peaceful environment to pursue meditation and spiritual studies.

Ranipuram is a place located at a distance of 55 kilometers and offers plenty of opportunities for trekking. It is situated at a height of more than 750 meters above sea level and is known for its varied natural vegetation. One can have a gala time here amidst cool winds and enchanting nature.

The most scenic backwater stretch in Kerala, Veliyaparambha is fed by four rivers and has small islands scattered here and there. Veliyaparamba is fast turning into a favorite backwater resort for tourists, which offers amazing boat cruises on the calm waters.