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Check out shopping areas in Kasargod and know what to buy in Kasargod.

Shopping in Kasargod

Shopping in KasargodThe areas for shopping in Kasargod are pretty limited. In case you are thinking of what to buy in Kasargod, you can always go for those small knick-knacks that you can get at the roadside sheds on the roads. They make ideal souvenirs for friends and family back home. Kasargod does not have many impressive malls or huge showrooms, but that is where the beauty lies. The place is untouched by commercialism and urban lifestyle.

The local craftsmen of Kasargod are famous for making beautiful artifacts out of metal. Kasargod is famous for bell-metal production. Different types of containers, vessels and beautiful lamps are famous here and sell like hot cakes. So if you are shopping in Kasargod, make sure you buy these spectacular items in metal along with other local collectibles.