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Tipping is an essential part of your travel plans. Here are some useful tips for giving tips in your Tamilnadu travel.

Tipping in Tamilnadu

Every region in the world has a different tipping culture. It is very important to know at hand the local tipping customs of the place/region/city you are traveling to. Like any other place in India, tipping in the state of Tamilnadu is quite commonplace. Though the custom of giving tips is almost fixed but the amount of tip to be given depends upon the type and quality of services rendered. The following write up on tipping in Tamilnadu will come handy when you travel to Tamilnadu in India.
  • While visiting hotels and good restaurants, you must remember that a tip of around 10-15 percent of the total bill is customary and be given to the waiters. In case you are visiting a not so good restaurant, it is advised that you give between 10-20 rupees, depending upon the type of services.
  • Home stays are gaining popularity in India and if you happen to stay at someone's house, it is expected that you give a tip to the domestic servants before saying goodbye. It should, however, be done in consultation with your host.
  • You are expected to give Tips to the porter as well as the room service personnel, at the time of your departure.
  • As you will be spending lots of time in a hired taxi for your sightseeing etc, it's a good practice to give a tip to the driver.
  • You can't do sightseeing without a good tourist guide so make sure to give a tip to the tourist guide.