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Get to know about excursions around Chennai. Excursions in Chennai will talk about excursions places around Chennai.

Excursions Around Chennai

Thanjavur TamilnaduThe excursions around Chennai are no less fantastic than the Chennai itself. Regular tourist buses are available for all these places. The excursions include ancient temple towns such as Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. These places have charms of their own. Apart from that you have famous beaches such as Golden beach and Covelong Beach. In addition to these beautiful beaches, you will find various resorts and amusement parks that are scattered along the coast of Bay of Bengal. Following are some of the famous excursions around Chennai.

Covelong (48kms)
Covelong is a mini-Tamilnadu in itself. The place boasts off a beautiful beach apart from forts, churches and mosques. If you are in Chennai, do not miss this excursion. The Fort has been converted into a luxury resort that has facility for Wind and Water surfing.

Crocodile Bank (44kms)
Crocodile Bank or Crocodile Park is another famous Chennai excursion destination. Romulus Whittaker, a German Biologist, has developed the place in to a crocodile breeding and research center. You will get to see various species of Indian and African crocodiles and alligators at this place. The reptiles are kept in their natural habitat in open pools and can be viewed from safe proximity. This excursion point commands special interest among the children.

Kanchipuram (75kms)
Kanchipuram is the third angle of the famous Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram triangle on the Coromandel Coast. The place is famous for its temples and Kanchipuram Saris. The temples and Gopurams are exquisite reminders of the beauty of Dravidian architecture. Two of the most notable temples are Kailasanatha and Ekambareshwara that were commissioned by Pallavas and Vijayanagar empires respectively.

Mahabalipuram (58kms)
The seaside temple town of Mahabalipuram was the second capital of Pallavas. The place was the focal point of cultural activities between 5th and 8th century AD. The place is famous for the Shore Temple and its beautiful Mandapams. The place is frequented by a lot of tourists and is a famous excursion destination around Chennai.

Madurai, one of the oldest towns in South India is the abode of goddess Meenakshi. Meenakshi is said to be the wife of Lord Sundereswarar (Shiva). The temple belonging to Meenakshi is famous for its sublime architecture.

Tiruchirapalli, a famous Chennai excursion destination, is famous for its Rock Fort. This classic fort is built atop a massive outcrop of rock that rises abruptly out of the flat surrounding plain. This fort is the prime landmark of the city and can be seen from miles around it. Set in the middle of the town on the bank of the river Cauvery, this fort is the classic example of Sangam architecture.

Thanjavur, erstwhile capital of the Chola Empire, is a must visit excursion point around the city of Chennai. The place is referred to as the "Rice Bowl of Tamilnadu". The city is ornamented by hundreds of temples and monuments that tell about the glorious reign of Chola dynasty.

Vedanthangal (85kms)
Vedanthangal is not only the largest bird sanctuary in peninsular India but also one of the largest in Indian sub-continent. This marshy landmass is spread across 75 acres of land and attracts thousands of migratory birds in winters. Apart from the famous Arctic Turn, the place boasts of species such as Herons, Darters, Spoonbills, Pelicans, Sandpipers, White Ibis, Cormorants, Blue winged teals and Swans. This is a must visit excursion point around Chennai.

Muttukadu (16kms)
Tamilnadu Tourism developed the backwaters of Muttukadu as a tourist spot. The place has become a popular destination for water sports such as boat racing and wind surfing. In the month of February every year, a windsurfing regatta is organized in Muttukadu. This event has become very popular among the westerners. It is a must visit excursion spot around Chennai.

Pulicat (54 kms)
Pulicat was the oldest Dutch settlement on the Coromandel Coast that dates back to 1609 AD. The state tourism department has turned Pulicat in to a picnic spot. This Chennai Excursion destination has gained fame in recent years because of its lake. The place provides amenities for swimming, fishing, and windsurfing. If you have a historical hangover then you can wander around the ancient Dutch cemetery that has well-preserved tombstones.

V.G.P Golden Beach Resort (30kms)
The Golden beach resort is popular not only with the local population but also with tourists. The place boasts off an entertainment arcade for children. This arcade organizes regular folk dance and music performances. It also contains an Art Center that sells handicrafts and articles made out of seashells. Though the beach is clean and ideal for sunbathing, it is unfit for swimming.