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The article lists some fun activities to do in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Read on to explore what are the exciting things to do and see in Ooty, India.

Things To Do in Ooty

Things To Do in OotyA memorable trip to the mesmerizing locales of Ooty is just the perfect vacation you may be looking for. The natural environs of the hill station are nothing less than spectacular and its stunning natural beauty is a tempting call to all the nature lovers to haunt the place. Ooty's enticing appeal and fame can be traced back to the times when India was under colonial rule. In fact, this pristine beauty was explored and discovered by the British. Below mentioned are some of the exciting activities one can do in Ooty to maximize the fun and adventure.

Fun Activities To Do In Ooty

Trekking is, undoubtedly, the best way to explore the exotic mountain ranges of Ooty and the picturesque landscape that makes it a thriving natural wonder and one of the most popular hill stations in India. The rugged mountainous terrain of Nilgiris hills can be trekked to view the real beauty that Ooty is celebrated for. Professional guidance should be sought by the amateur trekkers. One of the most adventurous sports, trekking the highest peaks of Nilgiris will be a thrilling experience for the trekkers.

Nature Walk
Ooty is an ideal destination for those who are seeking the companionship of nature. Rich in Natural splendor and adorned with phenomenally beautiful environs, Ooty has some spectacular gardens like the Rose garden for nature lovers. It is a perfect choice for those who want to absorb the sublime freshness of nature and soothe their nerves in a calm environment to beat the city stress on a vacation.

One of the leading tourist attractions in the city, the Ooty Lake is immensely popular with tourists for boating. The lake and boat houses have emerged as key tourist hangouts in the hill station. The boat house is at the far end of the Lake. Boat pageantry and boat races are held in summers in the lake when it is crowded with visitors. Fishing is also allowed in the Ooty Lake but prior permission should be sought from the authorities. The entire lake is delimited with a footpath and you can also walk alongside it.

Hand-Gliding & Angling
Ooty offers a range of adventure sports to tourists for a thrilling experience. Hand-gliding will give tourists the joy of flying high like a bird in the vast expanse of the open sky. Trained and professional hand-gliders should be guiding you when you try hand-gliding. Angling is another prominent adventure sport to experience in Ooty. There is an ample scope for fishing in the clean streams and swift flowing rivers of the Ooty hills.

Visiting the Church
Ooty has a lot of ancient religious places to see and the tourists are going to really enjoy this light walk into the religious history of Ooty. One of the first colonial structures of the hill station discovered by the British, St. Stevens Church is one of the heritage attractions of Ooty. The cemetery of the church has the graves of some of the famous names of Ooty. Tourist can visit two the Union and Holy Trinity churches in Ooty to see the stained glass windows.