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Though it is diffifcult to judge, you have to know how to deal with over friendly strangers, crooks and other people in India.

Dealing With Strangers in India

While traveling in any place, we are always told to watch out and beware of over friendly strangers. Though most Indians are very warm and friendly and mean no harm, there are some crooks and over friendly people in India who may try to take advantage of your unsuspecting nature. Read on further for tips on how to deal with over friendly strangers while traveling in India.
  • Watch out for those over friendly people (men and women) who offer you something to eat or drink while using public transport. Politely decline the offer. Sometimes, even Indians are drugged like this and have reported their entire luggage missing when they came back to their senses.
  • Watch out for over friendly people who offer to assist you with your luggage. They not only assist you, but disappear with it as well.
  • Beware of the over friendly stranger who approaches you and strikes a conversation. After the usual warm greetings, he begins the story of how poor he is or is in need of some dire financial assistance. The motive is to lighten up your pocket by a few dollars!
  • Like all other countries, we too have scams (no, not the political ones!) and petty thefts while walking on the road or using public transport. Be alert of those wary hands reaching for your backpack, back pocket to rid you off your possessions. Though most scams are minor, some very rare may be really serious. Do not hesitate to raise an alarm.
  • On a railway station, you may find a neatly dressed man is crisp blue (or any other color!) shirt with a blazer that looks like an official dress. He claims to be the ticket checker and will help you find your train, your seat, warns you of touts and thieves and goes away. The next thing you know, your camera is missing, along with your watch and wallet.
  • You take a pre paid taxi from the airport to your hotel where you have already booked a room. On the way, the taxi driver says, the hotel you booked is no good and he knows of a "better" hotel. Sure it is better, because he gets paid a commission if he brings tourists to that hotel. Do not change your plan. Stick to your original arrangement.
Be watchful, as you would be in your own country. Come with an open mind and truly enjoy this diverse country that has so much to offer!

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