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Check out these safety guidelines and precautions for traveling in India.

Safety Guidelines for Traveling in India

India is a beautiful country and has even more beautiful people! It is a country that will leave you mesmerized and mystified, yet give you a sense of satisfaction. To make your trip even more memorable and hassle free, we bring you basic guidelines for safety in India. Like any other country, there are certain precautions for traveling in India that are to be kept in mind. You can enjoy your trip even more if you go through these safety guidelines in India.
  • Get to know the basic rules and laws of India before coming here. It is helpful to know the basic norms of the Indian society so as not to offend Indian sensibilities.
  • Stick to your original plans. Do not listen to advice given by strangers about better hotels and accommodation. Head straight to the hotel you booked.
  • Never discuss your travel plans with strangers. Also, do not disclose how much money you are carrying or discuss about it in open public.
  • Avoid traveling alone at night. Do not travel on roads and narrow lanes that are poorly lit.
  • In case you are meeting with a person or a client, choose a public place in the city.
  • Don't hand over your luggage to any unknown person except the hotel staff. If you do, chances are you may never see your baggage again!
  • Do not let strangers or suspicious people in your room. Call the hotel reception in case of any doubts.
  • All valuable items like money, cheques, passports, jewellery, etc should be kept safely in the hotel locker or in a secure suitcase. Never leave your valuables lying around in the room unattended. Also, avoid carrying huge sums of money in public.
  • Always keep your wallet/money purse in the side pocket of your trousers. Else keep it inside a jacket pocket. It is best to buy a money pouch that can be strapped onto your body and worn underneath your clothing. Avoid keeping your wallet in the back pocket.
  • Take your necessary medications and keep extra stock with you in case of emergency. Consult your doctor and get vaccine shots for certain diseases before your trip to India.
  • Make copies of important documents like passports, visa and identity proof to be kept with you in case any of those get lost. Also, keep a copy back home with a trusted friend who can fax it if need be.

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