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Responsible / mindful travel tips to be kept in mind while planning your holidays in India.

Responsible Travel

What is Responsible Travel?
Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries during modern times. With increase and proliferation of travel, there is a responsibility on travelers to make sure that the local environment, culture and heritage are not adversely affected. Thus, responsible travel is all about minimizing the impact of your travel and maximizing your link with local people and environment. In other words, responsible travel is about making a positive contribution to the local ethos, customs, community and environment and also about having rewarding, inspiring and positive travel experience.

Before You Plan Your Holiday to India
  • You must plan your route etc so as to minimize carbon emissions. You should travel more by train and public transport as far as possible.
  • You must try to minimize flying time and stopovers so that carbon emissions during take off and landing are reduced.
  • You must ask your tour operator about their policy and concern for responsible travel/tourism. The tour operator's responsible travel policy must include efforts as to how they minimize environmental impacts and support the local economy.
Before You Travel to India
  • As a responsible traveler you must read about the local culture and also learn a few local phrases and words.
  • One of the most important and valuable mindful travel tips for India- Remove all excess packaging.
  • You must make it a point to ask your tour operator for tips related to a particular place/region for responsible travel.
  • As a responsible traveler your must ask tour operator about local environmental or social projects that you could visit and also how you could help.
While on Holiday in India
  • As a responsible traveler you must buy local produce in preference to imported ones, helping the local economy in the process.
  • Make all efforts to hire a local guide so that you get to know much better about the local culture and lives of the people and the guide also earns an income.
  • As a part of responsible traveling you must not buy products made from endangered species and ancient artifacts.
  • You must respect local cultures, traditions and holy places and ask for advice if there is any doubt. India is deeply a religious country and you must keep these tips in mind.
  • As a responsible traveler you must remember that local people have their own different ways of thinking- cultivate the habit of asking questions to the locals.
Things to Keep in Mind When You Get Back
  • After getting back from your holidays in India you must write (to your tour operator) your comments or feedback about your holidays and try to include suggestions for reducing adverse impact on environment and increasing benefits to local communities in India.
  • Recollect and enjoy the memories, reflect on your holiday experience and start planning your next holiday in India!

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