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Check out the best time and peak season and decide when to visit to Kerala.

Best Time to Visit Kerala

Best Time to Visit KeralaKerala experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. It is a paradise for tourists. If you were thinking about the ideal time to visit Kerala, then the best time to visit Kerala would be in the months of October to March. These months are usually the peak season for Kerala visit. Though this period is age old, now Kerala is thronged with tourists all year around.

Usually people used to avoid June and July due to heavy monsoons. But now, coming to Kerala during monsoons is considered as an experience in itself. Monsoons are also an ideal time to go for nice and warm massages. The whole atmosphere looks like it has been cleaned spic and span. There is not a speck of dust in the air. The trees look lush green and the hills can't look less mystified. It seems as if entire Kerala has been dipped in water and taken out.

Kerala does not have very harsh weather conditions. That is all the more reason for visitors to come here during any time of the year. Summers and winters are pleasant with very slight variations in temperature. Thus, Kerala can be visited any time of the year.