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Keep in mind health precautions and safety tips on your Kerala travel. Check out safety measures for Kerala travelers.

Health Precautions for Kerala Travel

To enjoy your Kerala travel, health precautions should be given top most priority. Like any other place in the world, Kerala also has some anti-social elements. So, it is better if you take some basic safety measures in Kerala. While in Kerala, health precautions are also a must and should be followed by all tourists. Given below are certain guidelines that give general safety measures for Kerala travelers. Keep these health and safety tips for Kerala in mind and enjoy your trip to Kerala to the fullest.

  • Keep your medical certificates in hand and get your vaccine shots before you come to Kerala. Also, keep your medicines with yourself in case of any emergency.
  • Avoid purchasing any illegal stuff and invite unnecessary trouble. In case of any doubts, contact the nearest police station.
  • Avoid eating cut fruits and raw salad from outside. Do not accept food from strangers in trains and while traveling. Eat from a recognized restaurant.
  • Do not drink water from roadside. Always carry bottled water. While buying bottled mineral water, check if the seal is intact and check for any leaks in the bottle.
  • Get all your vaccine shots atleast 4 weeks before you intend to travel.
  • In case of a serious illness, visit a doctor as soon as possible. Do not drag along illness or injuries and attend to it at the earliest.