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Go through these travel precautions and travel safety tips for Kerala in our section of "Kerala travel tips".

Kerala Travel Precautions

There are certain travel safety tips for Kerala that should be kept in mind while sight seeing and touring. You should be as careful as you would be in your own country. Though the people of Kerala are genuinely polite and helpful, there certain anti-social elements like everywhere else in the world. While in Kerala, travel tips as given below will be helpful to you in many ways. Be sure to go through these tips and learn more about Kerala travel precautions.

  • Do not wear provocative and revealing clothes. It not only hurts Indian sensibilities, but also invites unwanted attention.
  • Keep your valuables like important documents, money, jewelry, etc. in the hotel's safe deposit. Keep an eye on your money while traveling in crowded places.
  • Women are required some extra precautions against some male members who may stare and try to get over friendly. Wear decent clothes and try to converse the least with men.
  • Do not exhibit any public display of affection in Kerala. People are sensitive in Kerala and do not approve of physical intimacy in public.
  • Be alert while using public transport. It is the most common place for falling in trouble.