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This write up on Coimbatore weather discusses weather and climate of Coimbatore city.

Coimbatore Weather

The geographical location and relief makes the climate of the Coimbatore city moderate and pleasant throughout the year. The Coimbatore city does not witness much temperature fluctuations between summers and winters. During the summers, the average weather conditions are hot with mercury rising to as high as 39°C whereas the minimum temperature in summer is around 21°C. During the winters, the weather remains mild with the maximum temperature around 30°C and the minimum temperature remaining around 15°C.

Coimbatore does not receive monsoon rains from the Southwest Monsoons between the months of June and September. Instead, Coimbatore and its surrounding areas experience rains during October-November by the retreating monsoons (the north-eastern monsoon). The best time to visit Coimbatore is between December and March, as the weather conditions during this period remain moderate. Light cotton clothes are suitable for summers whereas in winters you need to keep light woolen clothes.