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Get to know about museums in Uttar Pradesh. Museums in UP will talk about museums of Utter Pradesh, a state in India.

Museums in Uttar Pradesh

The Archeological Museum of SarnathMuseums are not mere buildings; they are the virtual documents of history and heritage. The same goes true for the museums of Uttar Pradesh. These museums will give you an insight in to the history and heritage of Uttar Pradesh. The government owns nearly all the museums in Uttar Pradesh but quiet a few are run privately too.

The most important among these is the famous 'State Museum' of Lucknow. The museum displays various elements of the then society of Uttar Pradesh. It has dedicated galleries for each era. The museum has some of the best collections of bronzes and artifacts of yesteryears. Equally renowned if not more is the Bharat Kala Bhawan in Varanasi. The museum has a very proud collection. It includes, among others, artifacts, tools and commodities belonging to Indus valley civilization as well as other dynasties such as Maurya, Sunga and Gupta.

Apart from that, The Archeological Museum of Sarnath is another famous museum in Uttar Pradesh. The place has a good collection of artifacts and other things related to Buddhism. There are lots of sculptures and bronzes that belong to the era of Gautam Buddha. The Government Museum in Mathura is another famous one in Uttar Pradesh. The museum, though, has a very limited scope due to its localized character. The place has the most vivid collection of the sculptures belonging to the Mathura School.