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Get to know about Wildlife in Uttar Pradesh. This here will tell you about wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in UP as well as national parks in Uttar Pradesh.

Wildlife in Uttar Pradesh

Wildlife in Uttar PradeshUttar Pradesh has a very rich fauna and flora. Although the biggest chunk of wildlife sanctuaries and reserves went to Uttaranchal when it was carved out of Uttar Pradesh, few are still left with Uttar Pradesh. UP has a vivid climate and relief as it stretches from the Northern Indian plains towards the Ganges basin of East. Therefore national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are scattered all over the Uttar Pradesh have vivid fauna and flora. The fauna of UP consists Tigers, Cats, Antelopes, Deer, Wild Boars, Elephants, Rhinos and other animals that are common in basin. In terms of birds, Uttar Pradesh is home to various species such as Painted Storks, Black and White-necked Storks, Saras Cranes, Great Indian Horned-owl, Jungle Owlet, Colorful woodpeckers, Barbets, Kingfishers, Minivans, Bee-eaters and Bulbuls.

The largest wildlife reserve in Uttar Pradesh is Dudhwa National Park that is situated in the district of Lakhimpur Kheri. Stretched in an area of nearly 500 square Kilometers, Dudhwa National Park is close to the Tarai region of Nepal and boasts off a vivid fauna and flora. Tiger and Rhinos are the two animals that are worth seeing in this park. This is the only park in UP where you can see these two animals. Apart from Dudhwa, the other very important reserve is Chandra Prabha sanctuary that is situated in the district of Mughal Sarai. Though this park is devoid of any member of the Indian Cat families, it has various species of Deer and Antelopes. Stretched in less that 80 square Kilometers, the park boasts off Chinkara, Sambar and Chital.

Stretched along the districts of Mirzapur in UP and Bhojpur in Bihar, Kaimoor wildlife sanctuary covers an area of around 500 square Kilometers. This sanctuary is famous for Tarai Panthers and Blackbuck. Equally popular if not more is Nawab Gunj bird sanctuary near Lucknow. This bird sanctuary boasts of some of the rare bird species in India. Among others, Pochard and Shoveller can be found in abundance in this park.

Apart from these major wildlife reserves, there are some minor ones too such as Katarniaghat, Hastinapur and National Chambal wildlife sanctuary but they don't have any such species of fauna and flora that can be classified as unique or rare.