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Uttar Pradesh Culture will give you an insight into culture of UP, a state in India. Here it is, Utter Pradesh culture and lifestyle.

Uttar Pradesh Culture

No state in India can boast off a culture as vibrant as that of Uttar Pradesh. The state has a very rich history that has contributed in the consolidation of its vivid culture. The state has been under the rule of various emperors and dynasties in the course of history and almost every one of them right from Moguls to Nawabs have contributed significantly in consolidating the cultural traditions of UP.

A rich heritage of songs and dances is an integral part of any culture. The same is true with Utter Pradesh too. The state has a distinct song culture that includes various folk, classical, semi-folk and semi-classical genres. The most famous among all these are Ghazal and Qauwwali. The modern version of both these art forms owes their birth to Uttar Pradesh. Equally popular if not more are Birha, Kajari and Chaiti. While the former is based on mood the later ones are season based. Apart from these other art forms such as Rasia, Khayal, Tappa and Thumari are also very popular among the elites. Uttar Pradesh has produced some of the masters of these music genres.

As far as dances are concerned, Kathak is considered as the state dance of Uttar Pradesh. The dance form that originated from the courts of Royals has traversed a long path since its inception. Another dance form named Ras-lila is also very popular among the masses. This art form is chiefly confined to Braj region and owes its existence to Lord Krishna. Poetry also forms an integral part of day-to-day activity in Utter Pradesh. This is primarily done in Hindi, Urdu and Awadhi. The state has the pride to produce many laureates of this craft.

Talking of cuisines, Uttar Pradesh has quite a range to offer to the visitors. The choice can range from Galawati and Kakori kabobs in Oudh to Rampuri Fish and Tahri in Western Uttar Pradesh. Several sweet dishes decorate this platter, which includes among others Petha and Peda from Agra and Mathura respectively. So as you can see, UP has quite a lot to offer at every front when it comes to culture; it will be more than nice to give UP a try once.