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Get to know about Bareilly city of India. Travel to Bareilly and explore tourism in Bareilly City.


Location: In the Western Uttar Pradesh, India
Climate: Summer 43°C to 30°C, Winter 25°C to 5°C
Best time to visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Delhi Airport
Nearest Railhead: Bareilly Junction
Language spoken: Hindi, Urdu and English
STD Code: +91-581

Bareilly is one of the very important towns in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. The city is the erstwhile capital of Rohilkhand division. The city is an important commercial center in North India and has several small and medium sized industries.

Bareilly is also sometimes known as Bans-Bareilly because of the flourishing bamboo trade in the city. The city situated on the banks of Ram Ganga has a rich heritage and long history to boast about. The city has a mention in Epic Mahabharata as the capital of 'Panchal' rulers. In the Medieval period it was under the Rohila. Mukrand Rai laid the modern city's foundation in 1657.

The city for long has been a center for various minor and major movements. It is this very city from where the famous Sufi-Barelvi sect Islam was born. One Ahmed Raza Khan who was the resident of the city started the movement that borrows its name from the city itself. In fact, the city is known as the citadel of Barelvi sect in Asia.

The city has seen sudden spurt of development in recent years that has been fueled by real estate sector. This has resulted in to the popping up of various modern high-end colonies and societies. All these have changed the skyline of the city considerably.