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Uttar Pradesh Travel guide takes you to all the major and minor travel destinations in the state. Travel to Uttar Pradesh to explore more.

Uttar Pradesh Travel

Travelling in Uttar Pradesh is an experience that cannot be expressed through words. The sheer beauty that the state offers leaves you mesmerized. Uttar Pradesh is spread across the expanses of Gangetic plain that give a greenish hue to the state. Numerous rivers and their tributaries enrich this plain.

The state has some of the wonders to offer to its visitors. No talk about Uttar Pradesh can be initiated without mentioning Taj Mahal. The subtle beauty in white marble soothes eyes and leaves us with a sense of peace in our heart. But UP has more than that for you to offer. It also has Varanasi, the oldest town on the earth. The city of nirvana remains bustling with foreigners who come in search of solitude and peace. Many stay here permanently.

Mathura, the land of Krishna, is famous for its colorful festivals and cuisine. This is the place where Lord Krishna was born and used to play Raslila with his consort Radha and other milkmaids. Close by is Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. The city famous for its culture and cuisine is not to be missed during your travel to Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, there are other towns too. One can fill up hundreds of pages and still can't capture the beauty of Uttar Pradesh in words. The only appropriate way is to visit it. Do come to Uttar Pradesh. We promise, it will be an unforgettable experience.