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Mathakaut Temple in Kushinagar is a must visit Buddhist Shrine in Uttar Pradesh

Mathakaut Temple Kushinagar

Location: Near the Mahaparinirvana Stupa
Ideal Time to Visit: Anytime round the year
Attraction: Stupa and sculpture
How to Reach: Hire a cab or Auto from the hotel.

Mathakaut Temple is one of the most famous and most visited shrines in Kushinagar. The Mathakaut shrine is situated at the distance of 300 meters from Maha-Parinirvana Stupa, another famous Buddhist shrine in Kushinagar. The shrine falls by the side of the road when you start moving Southwest of Maha-Parinirvana Stupa.

The place is famous for because this is the site from where a black stone image of the Buddha in the 'Bhumi Sparsha Mudra' was recovered during early excavations. 'Bhumi Sparsha Mudra' in Hindi means 'Kneel Down Posture'. It is widely perceived that the last sermon of Lord Buddha was given here.

The place has been christened Mathakaut because of the fact that the head of Lord Buddha rests on the ground in kneel down posture. 'Matha' in Hindi means 'Head'. The statue that measures 3.05 meters in height is in deep blue color. The statue has been carved out of stones from the hills that surround Bodh Gaya. The statue has been carved to represent Lord Buddha seated under the Bodhi tree in 'Bhumi Sparsa Mudra'. This pose has a deep meaning attached to it. This particular pose symbolically expresses the supreme moment in Buddha's life just before his Enlightenment, when he called upon the Earth to bear witness to the pieties performed by him in his previous births. Therefore this statue and the shrine as a whole have a deep significance in Buddhism philosophy.