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Saharanpur is an important industrial town of Western Uttar Pradesh. Find more on Saharanpur city.


Location: In the Western Uttar Pradesh, India
Climate: Summer 43°C to 30°C, Winter 25°C to 5°C
Best time to visit: October to March
Nearest Airport: Delhi Airport
Nearest Railhead: Saharanpur Junction
Language spoken: Hindi, Urdu and English
STD Code: +91-132

Saharanpur IndiaSaharanpur is a famous industrial town of Western Uttar Pradesh. The city is situated 120 odd Kilometers from Delhi and is considered a major commercial transit point between Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The city is also renowned for Dar-ul-Uloom University.

Saharanpur has a long history to boast off. Excavations have reveled settlements as old as 2000 BC in this area. The place also features prominently during the Aryan civilization. Delhi Sultanate annexed the city in the medieval period. It was during this period that a Sufi saint by the name Shah Huron made the city his home. The city god its name from this saint only. It was then called Shah Huron Pur. The city also figures promptly during the 1857 rebellion. Some nationalist Muslim leaders who later went on to establish Dar-ul-Uloom University carried the mutiny in the city.

The city is famous for Dar-ul-Uloom University of Deoband. This university has the reputation of producing hundreds of Muslim theologians and jurists all over the world. Maulana Nanautvi and Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi was the founder of this University that was established in the year 1867. The founders wanted to raise religious and social consciousness through peaceful methods. The Deoband Madarsa made efforts to awaken the Muslims and bring about a feeling of nationalism and unity. The school went on to play an important role in the revolutionary activities aimed at turning out the British from India.

Saharanpur is famous for wooden furniture. The city boasts off various furniture shops that sell high quality furniture that are exported in India and abroad. The city is also home to the world famous Basmati Rise. Do buy a few packets.