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Get to know about excursions around Kanpur. Kanpur Excursions also includes excursions from Kanpur.

Excursions Around Kanpur

Excursions around Kanpur are no less interesting than the city itself. Almost all these excursion spots are within 100 kilometers from the town and therefore are a single day destination. Musanagar is an important town in the region. The town is famous for excavation works done to unearth the remains of Indus Valley Civilization. Apart from that there are quite a few temples there that have religious importance. Following are some of the other excursion destinations around Kanpur: -

Bithoor is an important religious and historical town that is situated 22 kilometers from the city of Kanpur. Bithoor that is situated on Kannauj Road is a tranquil spot, suffused with historical and religious significance. Situated on banks of Ganges, Bithoor' s glorious past is wrapped in legends and fables. According to Hindu mythology, Bithoor was chosen by lord Brahma, the Creator, as his abode after the destruction of the Universe. It was also here that the great saint Valmiki meditated and wrote the Ramayana. Also, it was here that the legendary child, Dhruva, meditated and received the blessing of Gods.

Kannauj is a historic town that is situated on the banks of Ganges. The town has remained in prominence for most of the ancient and medieval period. The city rose to prominence during the reign of Harshavardhana who is counted among the most illustrious rulers in India. It was in the mid 7th century that Kannauj was named the capital city of Harshavardhana. The then kingdom of Harshavardhana included the entire region between the rivers Sutlej and Narmada and eastern Bengal.