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Get to know about shopping in Allahabad. This will talk about shopping places and attractions in Allahabad city of India.

Shopping in Allahabad

Shopping in AllahabadPractically, there is nothing as such to shop for in Allahabad. Till the advent of 21st century, Allahabad was more like a sleepy town that woke up only during the Kumbh Mela. Shopping was largely confined to the neighborhood groceries. However, the city is undergoing rapid transformation with opening of malls and multiplexes. Still the city has very sedate pace of life compared to other large cities.

Allahabad is a religious town therefore the best things you can buy here is religious paraphernalia. The city has number of shops offering items used for rituals such as sandalwood, incense, incense stick, vermilion and camphor among others. The city is also famous for its bookshops. What Eton and Oxford is to English language, Allahabad is to Hindi. The city has hundreds of publishers who publish books on the range of subject. Books based on religious hymns and philosophies are must buys here. The city is also famous for aprons used during rituals.

Traditionally, the main market areas of the city are Civil Lines, Chowk and Katra. However, newer market places have developed in recent years, Allahpur being the prime example.