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Garwha is an important tourist excursion destination around Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh


Location: 50 Kilometers from Allahabad
Ideal Time to Visit: Anytime round the year
Attraction: Stone Pillars and Temples
How to Reach: Hire a cab or Auto from the hotel

Garhwa is an interesting excursion destination around Allahabad. In fact, Garhwa is a must visit tourist spot during your tour to Allahabad. The place is famous for the ruins of some of the most beautiful temples in Purvanchal. The place has not been at the helm of the matter but slowly and steadily, it is picking up in the hot list. In fact, Garhwa is a must visit for both researchers as well as casual visitors. Historians and researchers who are working on ancient North Indian temple architectures or Gupta era temples for that matter must visit this place. Garhwa will give a different insight about this architecture tradition altogether.

There are numerous ruins of temples scattered all around Garhwa. Most of these temples date back to Gupta period and beyond. Though in depleted condition, these temples give an insight in to the stone-temple tradition. This tradition is more often associated the temples of Southern India and Vindhya Mountains. Garhwa breaks that notion convincingly. The main temple in Garhwa has 16 beautifully carved stone pillars. These pillars also carry inscriptions that reveal that the temples date back to the Gupta period at the very least. Apart from the stone pillars, there are numerous sculptures in Garhwa too. Some of the better sculptures from Garwha are now shown in the State Museum in Lucknow.