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Check out the real story behind the legend of the sinking Taj Mahal. Read here about the sinking Taj Mahal myth.

Sinking Taj Mahal

There have been many rumors of late of the sinking Taj Mahal myth. Many people seem to believe that the seventh wonder of the world, Taj Mahal is actually sinking into the earth. Many tests and surveys have taken place to confirm this alarming belief. Different surveys have produced different results. Some confirm the rumor while others totally rubbish it. The massive Taj Mahal was constructed in such a way that the weight of the monument was evenly distributed on the base. Read on to know more about the legend of the sinking Taj Mahal.

Much precaution and care was taken while Taj Mahal was being built. Yet, the substructure of the monument developed cracks and leakages barely four years after the monument was constructed. There is proof that the cracks developed then itself as they are mentioned in one of the letters that Aurangzeb wrote to Shah Jahan. They were taken care of then, but today the cracks have broadened again and have assumed dangerous proportions. There were some defects in the dome also that were somehow restored.

A survey was conducted that produced some alarming facts. The northern base of the monument is lower than the base on the southern side by 3.5 centimeters. The northern side base is the one that faces the river. Though the cracks were not visible on the exterior walls, they were present on the burial chamber of the second storey. The underground series of cracks in the vaults could be due to excessive weight and crushing of lime with the passage of time. This means that the whole of Taj Mahal and not just a part of it, could actually be tilting towards the riverside.

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