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Read about the story that surrounds that surrounds the legend and myth of the mutilation of Taj Mahal craftsmen.

Mutilation Myth of Taj Mahal

One of the most horrifying legends associated with the Taj Mahal is the legend of the Taj Mahal mutilation. There are a number of gory tales associated with the mutilation of the Taj Mahal craftsmen. Though most of them are just plain folklores, they do manage to give tourists goosebumps every time. These stories usually talk about horrid tales that talk of the torture meted out after the Taj Mahal was built. Read on to know more about the myth of Taj Mahal craftsmen mutilation.

Legend says that Shah Jahan had one of the best lot of sculptors and craftsmen at his disposal who built the wonderful Taj Mahal. When the Taj was completed, Shah Jahan was so astounded that he ordered to chop off the hands of the craftsmen who built this monument. Shah Jahan did not want that such a monument should be built ever again so he ordered that the hands of the craftsmen should be chopped off.

Also, he got their eyes gouged out so that they would never be able to view anything more beautiful and splendid than the Taj Mahal. However, no respectable historian finds these horror stories evident and they are labeled as false and baseless.

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