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Know more about the legend and myth of Taj Mahal and decide if Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple.

Taj Mahal Hindu Temple Myth

One of the most popular myths regarding the Taj Mahal and one of the most controversial questions ever asked about the authenticity of the Taj Mahal, "Was Taj Mahal a Hindu temple?" The legend of Taj Mahal being a Hindu temple originally though has no evidence as such. Yet many historians have tried to come up with as many theories as possible to prove the Taj Mahal Hindu temple myth. Read on to know more about this controversial and debatable topic that has sent many historians and researchers in a tizzy.

It is said that the Taj Mahal was actually a temple palace dedicated to lord Shiva. It was built much before the Mughals came to India and was known by the name of Tejo Mahalya. It is said that Shah Jahan came here and plundered the temple and on that very site, built the Taj Mahal. In fact, it is said that every Muslim structure in India was actually a Hindu temple or building that was plundered by the Mughal rulers and converted into Muslim structures after some modifications. Though the Government of India does not support these allegations, as there is hardcore evidence to support the same, many researchers stand by what they think is correct.

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