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Taj Mahal
Check out for yourself if the legend and myth of Taj Mahal being a Rajput Palace is correct or not.

Taj Mahal Rajput Palace Legend

One of the most debated questions in recent times is undoubtedly, "Was Taj Mahal a Rajput Palace?" This is one question that has captured the interest of historians and common people alike. Though there is no hard evidence that could prove that Taj Mahal Rajput palace myth, many historians claim that it was actually a Rajput Palace that was built long before Shah Jahan came in the scene. Read on about Taj Mahal Rajput Palace legend.

It is said that the Taj Mahal was actually a Palace that was built by a Rajput king in the fourth century. Shah Jahan took over the palace and rebuilt it according his own design. Though many historians have asserted this myth, there is no hard evidence that proves this theory. In fact there are no records in the Rajput royalty of such a magnificent monument being built.

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