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Have a look at the weather and climate of Agra. Agra Weather forecast also includes temperature and rainfall of Agra city, India

Agra Weather

Agra has a reputation of being one of the hottest towns in India; hottest in terms of both, tourist destination as well as temperature. In summers the city witnesses a sudden surge in temperature and at times, mercury go beyond even 46°C mark. The humidity is appalling and is sure to leave you puffing and panting. During the summers, the daytime temperature hovers around 40-46°C. Nights are relatively cooler and mercury dips to a comfortable 30°C

It rains scantly during the monsoons as Agra falls in a semi-arid region. The annual average rainfall never goes beyond 400 millimeters. Winters are bit chilly but are the best time to visit Agra. The minimum temperature sometimes goes as low as 2-3°C but usually hovers in the range of 7-8°C. Days are pleasant and best to roam around.

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