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Get to know about Brassware/ Brasswork of Moradabad. Moradabad Brassware is a must buy in Uttar Pradesh

Moradabad Brassware

Moradabad BrasswareUttar Pradesh has the pride of being the largest Brassware center in India. The state has many copper and brass making establishments in and around Moradabad and Varanasi. While Benaras is famous for copper and brass utensils like 'Lota' or Indian Water-pots, Moradabad has a range of products from utensils to decorative items. Among the utensils the major portion consists of ritual-wares. These include 'Lotas', Tamrapatra (water pots), Panchapatra (ritual Plate), Simhasan (seat for deity), Kanchanthal (Flower Plate) among others. These items are cast through an indigenous method called 'Para' that is precisely a mould casting without joints.

Nevertheless the item that has put Moradabad on the world map is Art Metalwork. In fact Moradabad has become synonymous with Art metalwork. The tradition started at the times of Moguls and still rule the heart of masses. Moradabad is specially noted for it's colored enameling and intricate engravings. In fact they continue to dominate the Indian market for engraved as well as utilitarian brass.

The art metal ware includes items like miniatures, busts, decorative pieces, clocks, statues, utensils and cutlery. The most famous items that are exported from Moradabad are the replicas of Mogul court wares such as Itardan (Scent Spray), Ghulabpash (Rosewater Sprinkler), Aftab (Wine or Sherbet servers) and Hookah. These wares are heavily embroidered. These embroideries are among the finest in the world and look very attractive because of their range of patterns. The decorations may include scenes reminiscent of the style of Mughal painted miniatures as well as portray incidents from the Hindu Scriptures too.