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Get to know about shopping in Moradabad.

Shopping in Moradabad

Shopping in MoradabadIf there is any word that signifies Moradabad completely then that word is ought to be 'Copper'. Copper summarizes Moradabad same as Coal and Cotton do to Liverpool and Manchester respectively. The city thrives on Copper and Bronze and that is what to look out for in Moradabad. The city offers some of the best works of Copper and Bronze in the world.

The main market in Moradabad is Peetal Mandi. This otherwise congested alley boasts of hundreds of small and big shops selling copper and bronze. In the starting, you will find smaller shops that sell miniatures and small items as decorative. But if you move a bit deep, you will find numerous big showrooms that have exclusive items on displays.

Among the copper items, the most favored ones are utensils. They come in every size and shape and are decorated with beautiful Naqqashi work. Do buy a few that suit your luggage. Another famous items that are on sale are 'Itradan' and 'Ghulabpash' i.e. Perfume Sprayer and Rosewater Sprayer respectively. They come in every size and shapes and are primarily made out of Bronze, an alloy of Copper. These are a must buy in Moradabad. Another favored item is 'Aftab' or 'Wine Servers'. They are done with beautiful copper lining works and are heavy.

Bronze busts are another favorite buy in Moradabad. The most famous busts that you will find are of Alexander The Great and his favorite horse Bushaphelas. They come in various sizes and shapes and are a must buy in Moradabad. Apart from that, you can select from the busts of Mahatma Gandhi, Lenin, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Gautam Buddha apart from zillions major or minor Hindu deities. Miniatures are another must buy in Moradabad. Small replicas of Canons and Gates of Kabba at Mecca are the most favored buys.

Apart from Copper, Moradabad is also famous for its Wrought-Iron items. These include furniture, decorative, Lamp-sheds and vase. Do buy a few suiting your need and budget.