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Vindhyachal is a very popular pilgrimage in India. Vindhyachal is considered to be the sacred abode of Goddess Durga.


Location: Almost 90 Kilometers from the Varanasi
Ideal Time to Visit: Anytime round the year
Attraction: Shaktipeeth
How to Reach: Hire a cab or Auto from the hotel.

Vindhyachal Temples VaranasiThere is a concept of Shaktipeeth in India. Shaktipeeth are actually places where the Goddess of power or the female part of power is supposed to be residing. The female part of Power has been named Shakti and is worshiped in the form of Goddess Durga. There are as many as 51 Shaktipeeth in India Vindhyachal is one of them. Situated at the distance of 90 Kilometers from Varanasi, Vindhyachal is worth visiting once. The place is famous for its temples namely Vindhyavasini, Asthbhuja and Kalikhoh.

According to the Hindu mythology when Sati died, Lord Shiva set out to world tour carrying her body. In days to come, the body started decaying and begun to fall apart. It is said that the left toe of Sati fell at the place where the current temple of Vindhyavasini is located. The temple is on a very low hillock and it is believed that Goddess Durga had established herself here after having killed the demon king Mahishasura. Thus the Goddess Durga is referred to as Vindhyavasini in these regions.