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Get to know about Krishna Janambhoomi / Janambhumi Temple in Mathura city of India.

Krishna Janambhoomi

Location: Near the railway station
Ideal Time to Visit: Anytime round the year, 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Attraction: Statues and excavated items
How to Reach: Hire a cab or Auto from the hotel

Krishna Janambhoomi is one of the most visited tourist destination in India. The place has been named so because it is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. 'Janam' means 'Birth' and 'Bhoomi' means 'Place' in Hindi. It is supposed that the present temple is built over spot of the prison where Lord Krishna took birth.

The story goes that King Kansa, the ruler of Mathura, was a despotic and cruel ruler. One day it was prophesied that he would meet his end with the hands of his sister's son. Hearing the prophecy, he put his sister and brother-in-law in to the prison. Lord Krishna took birth amidst prison wall and slay him. The things that have been unearthed during the excavation work support this story. It includes among other, some old statues, utensils and a rock-based plinth that was common in prisons of that era.

The present temple has been constructed in the 20th century. A stone slab marks the original spot of the birth of Lord Krishna. The earlier Kesava Deo temple had the room where Lord Krishna was born. The only dampener is the heavy security cordoning that has been done in this area. One has to go through complex and long security check ups before getting admitted in the campus. There is a dispute regarding a mosque that shares its wall with the temple.