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Get to know about excursions around Sravasti. Shravasti Excursions are confined to single day trips.

Excursions Around Sravasti

Shobhnath Temple SravastiThere are not much of an option as far as excursions around Sravasti is concerned. Nevertheless, there are a few interesting getaways. These excursion spots are within the range of 50 to 100 kilometers therefore one need not arrange for overnight stays at this place. You can easily start early morning by a hired cab and return to your hotel by the late evening.

The Devi Patan Temple that is located at the distance of 30 Kilometers from downtown Sravasti is an important excursion destination. The temple is considered to be one of the most important Shaktipeeth in the region. The Hindus in both India as well as Nepal revere this temple that attracts scores of devotees every year.

Sankissa, situated on the banks of river Kali is another famous tourist excursion around Sravasti. It is believed that Sankissa is the place where the Buddha descended from heaven along with Lord Brahma and Devaraj Indra after giving a discourse to his mother, Mayadevi who had died soon after giving birth to him. Emperor Ashoka erected a pillar with an elephant capital to mark this holy spot.