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Get to know about Chaiti Music and Chaiti Songs in Uttar Pradesh. Chaiti music is a very popular music genre in Uttar Pradesh/ UP state of India.


Chaiti Songs in Uttar PradeshChaiti is sung in the month of Chait that falls in March/April as per the Hindu calendar. This is certainly a season specific song. This season has a great importance in the largely agrarian society of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for this is the season of harvest. And what is typical to all the festivals, song and dance are a must. The Hindu festival of color called Holi falls in this season only and that is why many of the Chaiti songs have references on Holi.

The Chaiti songs like Kajari have a place in semi classical repertoire also. The Chaiti is a musical form derived from folk songs and its theme mostly revolves around the festivities of Holi and Ramnavmi. That is why; most of the songs have wordings like "Ho Rama" or "Are Rama". Chaiti evokes the aura of romanticism and the mood of love. The most common theme apart from Holi is the depiction of scene where a girl asks her husband for a new bridal dress. In many Chaiti songs you will find the newly married young bride expressing her shyness at meeting her beloved.

Chaiti has created a place in the hearts of the masses of Uttar Pradesh. Some of the greatest exponents of music in India particularly Uttar Pradesh have tried their hands successfully in Chaiti Music. Some of the famous patrons of Chaiti in the state of UP are Girija Devi, Shobha Gutru and Pundit Chhanulal Misra.