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Get to know all about interesting traditional items to shop for in Pithoragarh and the various shopping centers and market places in Pithoragarh.


Shopping PithoragarhPithoragarh is a beautiful hill station that has its share of traditional handicrafts and other local products you can shop for. Here you can look for traditional woven woolen shawls and blankets, apart from other woolen products. The designs and colors of apparels you find here are strikingly different and unique in themselves. Also, you can shop around for traditional gems and jewels found here.

Another specialty of Pithoragarh is its horticulture produce. Pithoragarh produces very sweet and juicy fruits like Orange and Malta, besides other citrus fruits. Also found here is by far the sweetest, though gigantic, cucumber. It is juicy as watermelons. You can buy and carry back home some of these.

Important Shopping Centers In Pithoragarh:
  • Simalgair
  • Naya Bazar
  • Dharamshala
  • Siltham
  • Cinema Line
  • Purana Bazar