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Get useful information on weather conditions prevailing in Pithoragarh.

Pithoragarh Weather

The town of Pithoragarh is established in a valley surrounded by giant ice laden peaks which affect the weather of the Pithoragarh valley. Located at an altitude of 1,514 m (4,967 ft), Pithoragarh has a classic ‘mountainous’ temperature, i.e. tremendous disparity in temperature owing to great deal of elevation gradient. Though the main town in the valley experiences a different season every three months or so, the areas above 3,500 m continue to have a perpetual snow cover.

Seasons in Pithoragarh are roughly segregated into summer, monsoon, winter and retreating monsoon. The maximum temperature in summers remains around 30°C and minimum hovers around 14°C. The winters, however, are colder with maximum temperature remaining approximately 20°C and minimum temperature shooting down to 0°C. The average annual rainfall varies on the amount of rainfall but lingers on the figure of 36.7 cm.

The best time to visit Pithoragarh is during the months of March to June and mid-September to October. The weather during this time period is absolutely pleasant and one can see the nature’s bounty. One can wear light woolens in summers while in winters one would need thick woolen clothing.