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Check out Idukki sightseeing tours and read about tour to Idukki.

Idukki Tourist Attractions

There are many tourist attractions in Idukki that should not be missed at any cost. These places can be visited as a part of Idukki sight seeing tours. Idukki is one of those very few places in India that is still untouched by time. It is still unexplored and one feels so close to nature and connects at an entirely different level. The peace of mind and tranquility that one gets over here is incomparable to any medication or calming drugs. In short, one can get a high on pure, unadulterated nature! So read on further and check out tour to Idukki.

Very near Idukki is the place called Thekkady, which is well known for its unending forests and wildlife.

Known as Parunthupara (eagle rock), Grampi is famous for its high peaks from where one can get a bird's eye view of the scenery below. Undulating mountains and lush forest cover lend a mystical and picturesque charm to this place.

Idukki Arch Dam
The Idukki Arch Dam is India's first and world's second arch dam. It is constructed across the Kurathi and Kuravan hills. It measures a staggering 550 feet in height and is 650 feet wide.

Kumily is a plantation town and an important trade center that deals with trade and shopping of spices.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls
A beautiful waterfall in this place, the cascading waterfalls lend the finishing touches to this paradise.

This place is ideal to for treks and other adventure sports like mountain climbing or simply a walk among the winding paths that lead up the steep hills. The place is famous for cardamom plantations and one can really smell cardamom in its air.

Observatory Hills
This beautiful hill is an observing point for all nature lovers and sky gazers. One can locate many constellations and stars in the night sky from this point.

An amalgamation of unique flora, fauna and breath taking locales, this place is a must visit for all and definitely should be visited by photography enthusiasts.

Sahyadri Ayurvedic Center
This is a well-known Ayurvedic center and is known for its wonderful Ayurvedic packages and treatments. One can visit this place and indulge in some very relaxing massage therapies.