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Given here is information on the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary of Idukki, Kerala. Read about Chinnar national park.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: 60 kilometers from Munnar, Idukki
Main Attractions: Giant grizzled squirrel, elephants and deer

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Idukki KeralaThe Idukki Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is a vast expanse of lush green forests spread over an area of 90 square kilometers. It is located at a height of 500-2400 meters above sea level. The Chinnar national park, Kerala was declared a sanctuary in the year 1984. The undulating terrain and velvety green cover of plants over the entire sanctuary is what makes it a haven for the animals and birds of the sanctuary.

The Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is home to the endangered species of the Giant grizzled squirrel. Besides the squirrel, one can find animals like elephants, deer, tigers, gaurs, Hanuman monkey, etc. also. A number of reptiles like vipers, kraits, cobras, pythons, etc. can also be found here. A common sight is that of beautiful peacocks walking down the pathway in the sanctuary. One can also avail the boating facilities that are provided by the concerned authorities of the sanctuary. The uneven terrain provides ample of opportunities for trekking and mountain climbing.

How to Reach Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Idukki

By Air
The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport.

By Rail
The nearest railway station is at Kottayam. The place can also be reached from Ernakulam railway station.

By Roads
The sanctuary is easily accessible by roads and can be reached from anywhere in Kerala.