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Read about the forecast of weather and climate of Idukki.

Idukki Weather

In Idukki, weather and climate remain very pleasant throughout the year. This beautiful hill station has a very pleasing climate. Since Idukki weather is moderate throughout the year, the place can be visited anytime. Read on further to know about Idukki weather forecast.

The summer months are from April to June, though weather usually remains pleasant throughout. Unlike the plains, Idukki hill station experiences a cooler summer. The average temperature varies from 20° Celsius to 28° Celsius. The monsoons are pretty heavy and the place receives an average rainfall of 250 - 400 cm every year. Some years, Idukki has also received an average rainfall of 700 cms.

The place experiences cool winter months and the average temperature varies from 15° Celsius to 25° Celsius every year. The beautiful mist clad hills of Idukki are worth a visit anytime during the year. The weather is basically moderate and pleasant throughout the year.